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Project Description

PowerShell Cmdlet Help Editor is the tool that helps you to create and edit XML-based help files for your PowerShell modules and PSSnap-Ins. This project is intended to replace existing project (since it is no longer developed and has breaking issues) created by Microsoft: Cmdlet Help Editor. I tried to resolve main issues with the existing editor, but failed.

This means that new editor is not a rewrited version of a previous tool, instead, PS Cmdlet Help Editor is written from scratch. Only UI concept was inherited from previous tool, the rest is brand new.

Since I'm going to support this project, you may expect bug fixes (if any) and new feature addition (if I have a time to implement them). Also, in the Source Code tab you can explore and download project sources and rewrite as necessary. Editor usage is described in the Documentation tab.

Key features:

  • import and export help content to a PowerShell-compatible format;
  • edit multiple modules at a time;
  • edit and review help content in an easy and convenient way;
  • use BB-codes for HTML rendering;
  • get XML, HTML source (raw) code or formatted HTML view;
  • publish help online via MetaWeblog API.

System requirements:

  • PowerShell 2.0;
  • .NET Framework 4.5


For any questions, please ask them in Discussions tab. To submit a bug, or suggestion, use Issue Tracker tab.

Built with Visual Studio Packed by Advanced Installer

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