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Using Help Editor — Editing help content page provides information about core help content which is included in the PowerShell-compatible XML file. Cmdlet Help Editor supports additional fields to edit extra information which can be published online with command help.

Support information

If the command has specific requirements or dependency, for example, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), specific PowerShell version or operating system version (and SKU), you can edit this information in the Support Information tab.

hint: by default, this option is not enabled. To enable support information, click “Module Properties” button in the toolbars:

and enable the “Use support information” check box:

Save settings, close dialog and switch to Support Information tab in the editor:


Extra header and footer

You can add an arbitrary HTML code for each command separately. This is done in the Advanced tab:


HTML code will be rendered above and below (respectively) help content.

View HTML source and HTML formatted view

If you are planning to publish help online or want to review help content for possible typos and formatting issues (when using BB-codes), you can review all this information in the Output tab. The following output views are available:

  • XML source

Displays XML source for XML help file:


This view is used only for debug purposes.

Note: if you are using BB-codes, they are not included in the XML file. Only raw text from editor fields are included in the XML. In addition, information from Support Information and Advanced tabs are not included in the XML view and XML file.

  • HTML source

Displays raw HTML source which can be used for publishing online. Built-in publishing feature will use this HTML source to publish in your web site:


When generating HTML source view or HTML formatted view, BB-codes are converted to a corresponding HTML tags. In addition, this includes information from Support Information (if enabled) and Advanced tabs.

  • HTML

Represents an example formatted view in the web browser window.


Note: the look in the editor and in real web site may differ, because of CSS used in the web site.

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