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This article describes the process to configure Cmdlet Help Editor for help content online publishing.

It is reasonable to store a copy of the module help online (as a set of HTML pages) because it provides:

  • better readability
  • the most actual content.

While it is not always possible to update module help without updating and redistributing the module, you always can update and clarify help content online. Cmdlet Help Editor provides an ability to publish HTML-formatted help content to your website by using MetaWeblog API.

Online publishing configuration

The following steps are used to configure online publishing:

1) Create a new or start existing module help project.

2) In the toolbars, click Module Properties button.


3) Configure the following values in the module properties dialog:


3.a) enable “Use online publishing provider” checkbox.

3.b) select provider to use. Select “Custom” if your provider is not listed in the drop-down list.

3.c) supply provider URL if necessary. URL should point to a XML-RPC handler on the server.

3.d) provide user name and password to authenticate and click Connect to retrieve web site information.

3.e) when website list is retrieved, select target web site.

3.f) if selected web site already has published online help, you can reuse them. In this case, select post count to fetch and click “Fetch now” button. Editor will retrieve posts from the server and will map matching entries to a list of commands.

3.g) click Save to attach online publishing information to your module help project.

if you fetched existing online help content, you can review whether all necessary articles were fetched successfully. Close Module Properties dialog, select a command in the list, and switch to Advanced tab:


you should see filled “Article ID” and “Article URL” fields. If the matching article was not found on the server, these fields will be empty.

Publishing help online

When online publishing is configured, you can publish single command from Advanced tab, by clicking “Publish this cmdlet” button. Alternatively, you can publish all articles at once. To do this, in the toolbars, click “Publish All” button:


The following publishing behavior is implemented:

-- if there is no already published online help, a new article is created;

-- if there is already published online help, an article is updated;

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