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Use the following steps to start a new project:

1) Start PS Cmdlet Help Editor:


2) And click New Project button (in the toolbar, or Ctrl + N) and wait while the module list is generated:


3) Select desired module to use.

If your module is installed in non-standard location, you can specify module from PSD1 or PSM1 file. In this case, click File –> Import Module from a file. Wait a bit and find your module at the bottom of the list.

4) There are two options depending on your needs:

4.a) if you want to create blank help, double-click the module if you want to start blank project and wait while the command list is generated:


Select any command in the module and start editing.

4.b) If you already have XML help file (which was created by a previous versions of the editor or 3rd party tool) and want to reuse it, you can import it to a new project. In this case, select module in the list and click Actions –> Import from XML help file. and specify the path to a XML file:


5) When you finished your work, click Save button (Ctrl + S) to save the project file. Further, you will work with that project file for the selected module.

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ChopperCharles Jun 7, 2016 at 8:38 PM 
How about creating a new help file from a DLL? I've got several cmdlets written in C# and compiled to a DLL, and I need a way to load that into this application, to create help for it.